Texas Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue - Part II

Texas Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue - Part II


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Gun enthusiasts enjoy great freedoms in Texas. The state is known for firearm policies favoring gun ownership and the right for individuals to be armed in public. In fact, the right to be armed is considered a critical freedom among many in the state. Not only is this idea central to the culture of Texas for many residents, it is also considered a viable solution to the mass shooting crisis affecting the state and the US as a whole. Guns in Texas represent for many the epitome of independence and self-reliance. It is critical to develop an understanding of the cultural aspects related to guns in the state in order to effectively participate in conversations about gun violence in Texas. This is the second posting in the TI series on gun violence framed as a public health issue. This posting will summarize current firearm policies in the state, laying the groundwork for subsequent postings on the public health approach to gun violence in Texas.